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At some point, most people who receive care at home or the professionals, carers and Family members who support people receiving care at home will need to get help because of a homecare emergency.

With an increasing number of people preferring to be cared for at home, this comes with an inevitable need to respond to Homecare related emergencies.

The current system of health and social care struggles to meet the urgent care needs of people in the community. The default position is take older people to the Emergency Department (ED) resulting in admission to hospital.

There are inadequate services to care for people safely in the community and emergency support for carers is often unavailable.

There is a pressing need to change how we care for people with urgent care needs in the community with the aim of improving quality of care, outcomes and efficiency.

The launch of FirstIn Emergency Homecare Service is key milestone in our commitment to deliver improved homecare services available to the residents of West Sussex.
FirstIn is aimed at those who need access to Emergency Homecare Services that is not planned.

These emergencies may include people who require help at home immediately following their discharged from hospital after an operation, care needs outside schedule that cannot be supported by their existing provider, those who have been let down by their current care provider and in situations where clients have unexpected or unplanned illnesses by main carers. It may be that care needs of a palliative client have suddenly changed requiring immediate or increased support at home.

FirstIn - Our purpose
FirstIn Emergency Homecare Service is designed to respond to Homecare emergencies to residents of West Sussex, promoting early discharge, preventing Hospital/Care Home admission and providing peace of mind to our clients. This service can be accessed 24/7 through our emergency homecare support hotline.

 Through FirstIn we provide emergency homecare solutions for private clients, their families or main carers and professionals working within local Council, Dementia Crisis Services, End of Life Care, Complex Care, Discharge and Liaison teams, GP services, charities and voluntary agencies and other Homecare providers.

FirstIn - Our Vision

To be no.1 provider of innovative and specialist homecare services and positively transform our client’s lives.

FirstIn - Our values: your Home | your Care | your Choice The values which underpin our Emergency Homecare Service are as follows:

Your Home:

Your home is a private place. The care we provide ensures that you continue to enjoy the comfort of your safe and familiar home environment. Our service is provided with empathy and care ensuring that we maintain your dignity, respect your privacy and preserve your most treasured possession, your Home.

Your Care:

Your Care matters to us. We have a reputation for delivering a high quality and helpful homecare service that fosters your care outcomes. You can be assured that every member of staff caring for you is fully assessed and vetted by us, and trained to our high standards of practice, which comply with and support the Care Quality Commission standards. We have a range of specialist care options to suite your personal needs. Our Homecare service is driven by Quality and we are proud of our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation to support this.

Your Choice

Your Choices about your care underpin how we deliver our service. You can be confident that you will be treated as an individual with your own personality, interests and care requirements. We ensure that all our clients are able to maintain control over their own lives, make independent choices about their care, treatment and day-to-day living activities. We are committed to working with our clients, their families, GPs, hospitals and other healthcare organisations to provide you with the best care at home. We strive to minimise disruption by building your care package around your existing routines and lifestyles.

Available Services

  1. Clients & Family Members

  2. Professionals

How to Access FirstIn Emergency Homecare Service

FirstIn service can be accessed 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week through our emergency homecare support hotline. Emergency Homecare Support Workers will always aim to be at your home within 1 hour of care being requested should this be the requirement, however we guarantee to get a carer out to you within 4 hours. We provide two distinct flexible emergency service packages through which the emergency service will deliver care. These services can be delivered by a single carer or two carers depending on the clients requirements. The services provided can range from care calls, respite care to live in care with all FirstCol’s specialist Services available via it’s First In Emergency Homecare Service. This includes Complex Care, Dementia and Altziemers, Homecare, End of Life and Live In Care. Clients, relatives and professionals can contact our FirstIn Team to discuss their needs. You can all rest assured that our FirstIn team will cover your Emergency Homecare needs. Our services delivered through Care Calls, Respite Care, Live-in Care and can cover:

  • Assistance to get up and or go to bed
  • Shopping & Meal preparation,
  • Light housework & Laundry,
  • Social support and companionship,
  • Assistance with prescribed medication,
  • Incontinence Care
  • Shaving,
  • Bathing & Showering
  • Washing & Dressing

Emergency Homecare Service Packages

FirstIn – Immediate Care Package

In emergency we can all be sensitive to delays in care. The longer we wait for a definitive consultation, opinion, support and treatment, the more likely we are to end up attending the hospital.
We understand that in managing urgent care needs in the community it is crucial to provide timely emergency support within the first 24 hours.
Emergency Homecare Support Workers will typically be at your home within 1 hour of being requested.
With this service Clients and professionals are able to access the FirstIn Emergency Homecare Service for periods of 30minutes through to one week providing clients with an IMMEDIATE solution.

FirstIn – Assured Care Package

This service is especially helpful when we know it’s going to take that little longer for care arrangements to go back to normal. With this service Clients and professionals are able to access the FirstIn Emergency Homecare Service for periods of one week through to six weeks offering a peace of mind. YOU ARE ASSURED that the service will be available for the duration required.

Our Team

We are run and managed by Senior Care Professionals and Registered Nurses with 60 years of nursing and care experience between them. Our combined experience helps us to truly understand and accommodate the needs of our clients.
Our administration team comprises of a Registered Manager, with over 20 years’ experience in Homecare at a senior level, a Clinical Services Manager who is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years practical experience with the NHS in the community, Homecare Coordinators and Fieldcare Supervisors who all have field experience in the delivery of care in addition to understanding the requirements necessary to support all emergency homecare activities.
Our branded emergency vehicles are easily identifiable locally to you. The dedication of our Emergency Homecare Support Workers delivering this service is unquestionable.

What happens Out of Hours?

FirstCol operates an Out of hours services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients are able to contact our team who are able to discuss support options.
A senior member of our team will always be available to support existing and new client enquiries.

Which Areas Do we cover?

Our Emergency service is designed to cater for the need of residents of West Sussex.

homecare areas we cover

FirstIn Emergency Homecare

We are available  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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