Emergency Homecare

FirstCol Emergency Homecare can step in at short notice if your current support system suddenly becomes temporarily unable to provide care.

  • Assistance to get up and or go to bed
  • Shopping & meal preparation,
  • Light housework & laundry,
  • Social support and companionship,
  • Assistance with prescribed medication,
  • Incontinence care
  • Shaving
  • Bathing & showering
  • Washing & d droneressing

Outcomes of Emergency Homecare

FirstIn – Immediate Care Package

  • In emergency we can all be sensitive to delays in care. The longer we wait for a definitive consultation, opinion, support and treatment, the more likely we are to end up attending the hospital.
  • We understand that in managing urgent care needs in the community, it is crucial to provide timely emergency support within the first 24 hours.
  • Emergency Homecare Support Workers will typically be at your home within 1 hour of being requested.
  • With this service, clients and professionals are able to access the FirstIn Emergency Homecare Service for periods of 30minutes through to one week providing clients with an IMMEDIATE solution.

FirstIn – Assured Care Package

  • This service is especially helpful when we know it’s going to take that little bit longer for care arrangements to go back to normal. With this service, clients and professionals are able to access the FirstIn Emergency Homecare Service for periods of one week through to six weeks, offering peace of mind. YOU ARE ASSURED that the service will be available for the duration required.

Why use our Emergency Homecare service?

With an increasing number of people preferring to be cared for at home, this comes with an inevitable need to respond to Homecare related emergencies. The current system of health and social care struggles to meet the urgent care needs of people in the community. The default position is take older people to the Emergency Department (ED) resulting in admission to hospital. There are inadequate services to care for people safely in the community, and emergency support for carers is often unavailable.

There is a pressing need to change how we care for people with urgent care needs in the community with the aim of improving quality of care, outcomes and efficiency. The launch of FirstIn Emergency Homecare Service is a key milestone in our commitment to deliver improved homecare services available to the residents of West Sussex.

FirstIn is aimed at those who need access to Emergency Homecare Services that is not planned. These emergencies may include people who require help at home immediately following their discharged from hospital after an operation, care needs outside schedule that cannot be supported by their existing provider, those who have been let down by their current care provider, and in situations where clients have unexpected or unplanned illnesses by main carers. It may be that care needs of a palliative client have suddenly changed requiring immediate or increased support at home.

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