The Cost of Care

We work with you to create a suitable payment plan to suit your care needs and financial capabilities.

Homecare Costs: The facts

Whilst we will assess and discuss your care needs, our recommendations for you to maintain or retain independence may also include modifications to the home, such as installing a stair lift, adapting the bathroom or widening doors to accommodate a wheelchair.

In some circumstances, you may be able to get assistance towards these costs. Your local authority will need to prepare a support or care plan and then undertake a financial assessment of your means.

Who will pay your home care costs?

Depending upon the combination of your care needs and financial means, you will either be entitled to full or part funding from your local authority or be expected to fully fund yourself. Your ability to pay will be determined by your income, expenditure and savings – not the value of your home. If you are self-funding your own care at home, you can choose who provides your care, and you can elect either to use a Private Homecare Service, such as FirstCol, or employ one or more people to carry out the work for you. If you are receiving financial assistance from your local authority, you may still be able to have a say in who provides these services – in the form of receiving direct payments, which you can then use to fund the services that you require.

What can I expect to pay for home care?
FirstCol Homecare Hourly Visiting Care Fees

Home care costs can vary hugely depending on the area you live in. Costs will also depend on what sort of care you need, how many hours of care you need, and what time of the day and week you need it. For example, FirstCol offers care calls of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour or longer depending on individual requirements. These calls could be made up of a week of one call per day to help you get up and prepare breakfast, to three or four calls per day which include assistance with medication and cleaning. We will design your care package to suit your requirements and will always review the package if your requirements change.

Depending upon your circumstances, you may be able to combine formal support with a measure of some informal support from your relatives and friends. Having access to respite care when it is needed is also an option to consider if your family plays a large part in your care.

Cost of Live-In Care

Live-in care can have numerous benefits – the main being that it allows individuals to continue to remain in the comfort of their own home.

At FirstCol, we tailor all of our live-in care packages to the requirements of our clients. We recognise that no two people are going to require the same amount or kind of care. We provide a person-centred holistic approach to care which is tailored entirely around the needs of the individual.

Through our Homecare team, we provide Homecare Support Workers employed directly by us. All of our Homecare Support Workers go through a robust recruitment process.

The entire Homecare management process is managed by our team of experienced Healthcare Professionals and Registered Nurses. This enables you or your loved one to focus on enjoying an independent life, whilst we look after PAYE, sick pay, insurance, training, and much more.

When we assign a live-in Homecare Support Worker to you for live-in care, we ensure that we fully understand your hobbies and interests and that we pair you with Homecare Support Workers that will share these interests.

All of our home care costs are inclusive and entirely transparent. There are no hidden extra live-in care costs and no VAT.

Call our Homecare team today to go through your personal requirement and the associated costs. Costs differ depending if care is needed in the week, the weekends, or bank holidays, and we will make you aware of this on the phone call – there are no hidden costs. Our Homecare team are available to talk to you or a relative today, just call them on 0345 600 3669.

FirstCol will accept payments via the Local Authority, Direct Payments or from an individual private client (subject to satisfactory credit checks).

Please remember that local authority assessments are not permanent. If your care and support needs to change, or your financial circumstances alter (for instance, if you start to use up your savings), you can ask to be reassessed.

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