Complex Healthcare Needs

As a specialist provider of complex care services we understand the challenges which our clients face when living with a long-term condition and how this affects their level of independence.

  • FirstCol is run and managed by experienced Registered Nurses.
  • FirstCol’s Community Nursing and Complex Homecare Service is dedicated to providing Primary Care Trust (PCT) organisations and private clients with Nurses and Support Workers specialised in looking after patients with high dependency and complex health conditions.
  • Specialists in clients who suffer Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cancer (CA), Motor Neuron Disease (MND), Heart Failure, Muscular Dystrophy (MD), Huntington’s Disease (HD).
  • Specialists in PEG Feed Care, administration of medication via a nebuliser, syringe driver or PEG tubes, suctioning using Yankauer Sucker (NOT deep suction), use of Cough Assist and Nippy 3 machines, blood sugar monitoring checks, catheter care, convene care.

Outcomes of Complex Healthcare Needs

  • Physical & Emotional benefits to the patient
  • The lack of stress, comfort and convenience of being in familiar surroundings,
  • Easy access for family and friends
  • Low risk of hospital acquired infections, such as MRSA.

Why use our Complex Healthcare Needs service?

To build our clients confidence, we listen carefully to how they want their needs to be met, and tailor this in personalised care plans involving their family and friends. We recruit a wide range of Specialist Registered Nurses and Healthcare Assistants who have the exact complex care skills that are required to ensure that our clients remain living in the comfort of their own home. We regularly review personalised care plans with our clients to ensure that we continuously adapt our service to meet their changing needs and preferences.

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Testimonials and feedback

We pride ourselves on our broad experience working across the NHS and private sector.

Mr & Mrs A.

“I am writing to thank you for providing home care services to our son who has complex needs. Thank you."

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