End of Life Care

We understand that once a client has been given a palliative care diagnosis this can be a distressing time for both the client and their loved ones.

  • With the support of specialist Nurses who will lead the care plan and support both the client and their families at this time.
  • Full service of care that encompasses the holistic needs of the client including physical, psychological, and social care in partnership with their GP.
  • Our team will also offer advice on bereavement services and other support services should the family require these.
  • Early intervention with regards to symptom and pain control, or any progressing condition which ensures the client is as comfortable as possible at all times.
  • Night sits, 24 hour care or respite.

Outcomes of End of Life Care

  • Respecting choices.
  • Physical & emotional benefits to the client.
  • The convenience and lack of stress of being in familiar surroundings.
  • Easy access for family and friends.
  • Lower risk of hospital acquired infections, such as MRSA.
  • Why use our End of Life Care service?

    FirstCol supports the clients’ choice to remain in their own home whilst receiving palliative care. Our dedicated team work closely with Continuing Healthcare (CHC) professionals and multidisciplinary teams to arrange packages of palliative care right across the UK, typically within 48 hours of enquiry. Upon enquiry, we can organise a telephone assessment to be conducted by one of our Senior Registered Nurse specialist and a member of our Care Management team. Following assessment, final costing is established and the package of palliative homecare can start straight away. We have demonstrable ability to organise and resume care for palliative care customers quickly within one day, assigning an experienced and knowledgeable Homecare Support Worker to each case. Our carers will arrive at your home with a good understanding of your physical and psychological requirements. We have a good number of Homecare Support Workers with palliative care expertise who regularly work alongside hospices, Macmillan support groups, and District Nurses to maintain client comfort and dignity in the later stages of life. Our Homecare Support Workers are trained in complex care, including pain management, ventilator care, administration of medication, nebuliser care and bladder/bowel management are available to support palliative cases.

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